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Do you want to use your huge "Band in a box" archive under Linux? Here's the solution!

Biabconverter is a perl script that reads most BiaB files and produces MMA and Lilypond output.
Lilypond is open source notation software.
MMA(Musical Midi Accompaniment) is an open source accompaniment software to produce MIDI from Chord Changes, a bit like BiaB
Thanks to Alf Warnock for his reverse engineering and Matthias Neeracher for his contributions.


customizable melody quantization
handles 3/4 and 4/4 time
automatic style mapping from biab to mma styles
automated conversion of whole directories
probably nicer notation output than biab thanks to lilypond
user-customizable Lilypond template


gentoo ebuild
MAC users check for the Fink package (http://fink.sourceforge.net)

For questions regarding biabconverter, please send a mail to biabconverter aatt brenzi dot ch

version tracker

0.6.8 [Sat, 8.09.07] bugfix for mM7 chord (previously mMaj7 which was not recognized by MMA).
0.6.6 [Wed, 10.01.07] bugfix for doc on lily-template path and install script.
0.6.4 [Mon, 12.12.05] bugfixes, biabconverter runs stable in batch mode now. more chord types. NEW lily template to generate sheets for C, Bb, Eb, bass (and whatever) instruments on separate pages in one pdf (thanks, Matthias!).
0.6.2 [Sat, 5.3.05] bugfixes. user may put Lily templates in ~/.biabconverter/templates now
0.6 [Sat, 12.2.05] simplified batch processing by cmdline argument -batch dir to process all biab files in the given directory recursively . biabconverter uses a template file for lilypond output now which may be customized by the user. (thanks Matthias!) . buggy install script fixed
0.5.1 [Sun, 9.1.05] minor bugfix & output beautify
0.5 [Fri, 7.1.05] Quantization completely rewritten. Play around with -quant and -qtrip cmdline arguments if not happy with the result
0.4 [Sun, 19.12.04] more commandline arguments, automatic Lily output conversion with convert-ly, StyleMap is read and will soon be used to structure the song.
0.3 [Fri, 10.12.04] should be more portable now. Quantization is better but triplets are too buggy, so I deactivated them for now. A good quantization algorithm is harder to do than I thought ;-) output directory can be set from command line.
0.2 found a rule for slash chord names=>all supported now. More extensions are supported. Writing song database entries now. other bugfixes
0.1 reads most biab files. Only few chord definitions for Lilypond and few Style file substitutions for MMA. No command line options yet. Ugly debug output.

future features

MIDI output of melody and structure recognition might be implemented sooner or later

last update: 14. Mar 21

Author: Alain Brenzikofer